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In October 2005 the European Space Agency (ESA) awarded the GSE FM consortium the implementation stage or Stage 2. GAF and the entire GSE FM consortium were delighted with the news of the Stage 2 award which combined a baseline and extension programme such that a full complement of service cases can be developed and offered in the next 3 years.
 The pilot cases for Poland and S.Africa and the DUP-Kyoto harmonisation process were completed with successful delivery of products and services to the partners; a Final Meeting was held with ESA to formally conclude the cases in June 2005.
The GSE Forest Monitoring consortium received expressions of interest from new users in Poland and S.Africa. Additionally interest was expressed by partners to harmonise the DUP-Kyoto services such that a stepwise process to ensure that the service provision is in line with prevailing procedures and standards that govern GSE FM services are produced. Proposals for activities were developed for the pilot cases in Poland (with the Dept. of Forestry, Ministry of Environment) and S.Africa (CSIR) which focussed on services for the UNFCCC reporting, as well as the harmonisation of the DUP-Kyoto service cases. These were approved by ESA and activities were initiated.
The GSE FM consolidation stage was successfully completed in September 2004. The key achievements of the first stage of the GSE FM were the positive user assessments of the Service Portfolio, the high value of the services provided, a cost-benefit analysis provided to the user community, and the development of an effective service supply chain. The services were delivered to 9 users in 7 countries with a total geographic coverage of 1.01million km2.