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The GSE FM implementation stage was successfully completed in May 2009. The key achievements of the second stage of the GSE FM were the positive user assessments of the Service Portfolio, the high value of the services provided, and the development of an effective service supply chain. The management and performance of the GSE FM Service Network provided the basis for successful implementation of all the GSE FM services in Europe and to expand the services to developing countries.
Links between national and European land cover mapping activities within a future Land Monitoring Core Service (LMCS) have been presented and discussed in Stockholm at the Scandinavian GMES Land User Workshop. Existing and potential future forest services were presented to Member State users and European-level stakeholders.
The UK Office of Climate Change who are preparing the Eliasch Review on Climate Change for the UK Government requested a contribution to their report on the GSE FM REDD Cameroon Pilot Project. The Eliasch Review will be completed in June 2008, and follows the Stern Review of 2007.
April 12, 2008
The Phase 3 of the GSE FM started on 1 April 2008, and all partners notified that whilst this marks the completion of the ESA supported GSE FM, the continuation of the services is envisaged via various other programmes such as the EU FP7 and activities for the post-Kyoto Protocol REDD process. Thus the successful completion of the Phase 3 is important and any new activities related to the sustainability of the programme are welcome.