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GSE FM's success leads to a three year contract with ESA to implement new REDD Pilot Projects

In December 2009 the European Space Agency (ESA) awarded the GAF AG a contract to implement with Partners new GSE FM services in the Republic of Congo, Gabon and Lao PDR. The Pilot Projects are addressing the post-Kyoto Protocol reporting mechanism on the "Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation" (REDD) in developing countries and have the aim to integrate the application of Earth Observation (EO) technologies into the monitoring and measuring of deforestation and degradation of tropical rainforests. The successful implementation of the GSE FM REDD Pilot Projects in Cameroon and Bolivia provided a substantial basis in terms of understanding the policy processes and the technical requirements for countries involved in the REDD process. Thus the GSE FM REDD Service Portfolio has been further developed for a roll-out into new countries which encompass the following:

  • Stakeholder Analysis: A country specific User Requirements to identify the needs of stakeholders in terms of specific policy drivers, working practices and decision making cycles as well as the technical specifications for reporting
  • Implementation framework for REDD: support to develop institutional frameworks for REDD at a national level
  • Reference scenarios/Estimating deforestation: remote sensing analysis which will provide forest area maps and forest cover change maps applicable for a national REDD scenario. The application of spatial information on deforestation over a historical period provides the country with reference scenarios
  • Technology Transfer/Capacity Building to the country: programmes to ensure that project results, methodologies and lessons learned are provided in a manner to best support the work of national and regional counterparts

The results of the various methodological steps and the outputs will assist in testing the feasibility of long term and national level monitoring of deforestation and degradation. As these are key inputs for both the policy and scientific community the pilot projects will be a direct contribution to the assessment of implementing best practices for REDD.