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GSE FM plans a service roll-out to support the UNFCCC post-Kyoto REDD mechanism

During the course of the GSE FM there was an effort from the Consortium to become more involved in the policy development processes of the post-Kyoto Protocol mechanism in the UNFCCC. A new service which addresses the post-Kyoto Protocol reporting mechanism on the "Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation" (REDD) in developing countries was initiated in 2007 and service provisions for REDD Pilot Projects were extended to Cameroon and Bolivia. The REDD Pilot Project in Cameroon received considerable financial support from the German Development Bank KfW and GTZ-COMIFAC. The Project supported the development of relevant institutional arrangements, provided national (wall-to-wall coverage) forest maps for 1990, 2000 and 2005/6, implemented the biomass inventory in collaboration with the Bolivian Partner FAN and performed capacity building and technology transfer to the country.

The development and implementation of the REDD services has permitted the GSE FM to follow the evolving policy process and also provide contributions on how the application of EO can better support the national reporting requirements for developing countries. These achievements have raised the interest to implement new REDD Pilot services in three new developing countries which are the Republic of Congo, Gabon and LAO PDR. GAF and its Partners have submitted a detailed Technical and Financial Proposal to ESA for receiving support to implement the REDD Pilot Projects from 2009 to 20012.