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Forest Monitoring Inputs for Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM) Projects

Profile of Service Package

GSE-FM provides essential information that establishes a base line for CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) projects and assists in their monitoring. For example, a baseline may require a comprehensive land cover inventory using a series of maps covering a time period prior to a proposed afforestation activity.

The forest development in the area during afforestation is monitored and compared to the original baseline using an established and transparent methodology.

There is substantial scope to expand baseline development and related applications in support of various CDM projects and to assist in the design, implementation and monitoring phases.

For example, stratification can minimise the proportion of land in which a complete ground survey is required in order to estimate the assimilation of carbon by the vegetation.

The service can also be used for more general forest inventories outside the scope of Kyoto Protocol requirements. The target groups for the GSE-FM CDM services include a diversity of parties that may be involved in CDM projects embracing the public, private and non governmental sectors.

Specific Service Features

  • Documentation in accordance with GPG and COP decisions.
  • Statistical data can also be derived for regions with partial cloud cover
  • Service coverage: usually the project area and the surrounding potential impact area
  • Accuracy and uncertainty information in accordance with UNFCCC/KP reporting requirements


The following products are combined to a customised service package:

  • Statistical data of land cover and land cover change
  • Land cover maps from several (at least two) years
  • Land cover change maps