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Forest Monitoring Inputs for Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM) Projects

Profile of Service Package

This service assists the establishment and updating of GIS-based forest registers at the sub-national level for example, within a German federal state. The package uses several input data sources including EO data, data from the GIS-based forest register and topographic data from the local survey (mapping) authority.

In addition to delivering an assessment of changes in the prevailing forest cover, the first update cycle based on EO data reduces errors and fills gaps in the forest register.

This increases the comparability and consistency of the available forest data. Furthermore, the service provides (GIS) updates and maps suitable for use in field inspections together with a basic forest typology. This is important where information from forest management surveys is simply not available, as may be the case for privately-owned forests.

These data are required for the development of sub national forest policies, and for planning and advisory activities at local levels. The data can also be used for reporting functions to national authorities.

The target (user) group for sub national forest updates includes sub national and/or national forestry and environmental administrations or agencies depending upon the prevailing administrative structures and designated responsibilities. The Service is designed for central Europe and for countries outside Europe with established forest GIS systems.

Specific Service Features

  • EO mapping frequency: annually up to five year cycles
  • Area coverage: the entire country or an administrative region
  • Segment based fuzzy classification


The following products are combined to a customised service package:

Customisation options

  • Customisations to national and sub-national forest definitions and forest type specifications can be provided.