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Clear Cut Mapping and Monitoring Service

Profile of Service Package

This GSE-FM service offers reliable mapping of clear cuts over large areas using change detection methods. Clear cutting can be a politically sensitive and contentious issue.

The products include historical maps of old cuttings as baselines for an annual and recurrent clear cut mapping service. These areas are monitored on a regular basis with respect to regeneration activities and to identify where regeneration has failed. The failed regenerations can be considered as deforested areas after a defined number of years and this has significant implications for future management strategies.

The establishment of new forests is regulated within most forest policies and is currently monitored by extensive field checks and/or interviews with forest owners/custodians.

In the prevailing situation, with decreasing budgets within many forest agencies, only a reduced volume of field checks can be performed.

Therefore, it is important to detect the areas of greatest importance and focus field checks on the most urgent areas of failures, fires for example, or those requiring proactive interventions.

The GSE-FM service is based on multi-temporal optical EO-data that covers large areas. The target group includes national and sub-national forest administrations with a mandate to supervise sustainable forest development.

The service can be integrated with the GIS capacity of end users and performed in a decentralized manner at several locations or in a centralised manner by the forest agency or service provider.

Specific Service Features

  • Documentation (including metadata) in accordance with national forest legislation.
  • EO mapping frequency: annually up to two years
  • Area coverage: the entire country or an administrative region


The following products are combined to a customised service package: